What a read. Perfect timing right now for me. Thank you for the realness and making it so easy to get. First thing I am on to is my intolerance test to get my health right.

Craig, Melbourne AUS

“Jamie I can’t thank you enough for your help already! 2 weeks into coaching and I have booked 10k worth of work from a few changes to my sales techniques. Can’t wait to see what the rest of the year has in store!

Kane - Melbourne AUS

After reading this, why else would I want to be anything less than Great. Thank you!

Mel, Brisbane AUS

“I’ve loved your work ethic as well as your life ethics and it’s finally pushed me to get back to how I once was before kids haha” 

Jason, Perth AUS

“In case I’ve not told you enough, you’re the best ever & I am soooooo glad you are my coach.” 

Kathy, Melbourne AUS


The best book I've read this year. So simple and perfect timing.

Mel, Melbourne AUS

JT you've hit this one out of the park. I can't stop saying Great now! haha

Matt, Perth AUS

Absolutely loving it! Started reading this morning and can't stop! #begreat

Sel, Melbourne AUS

About Jamie Totino

Jamie Totino is a highly commended young & emerging entrepreneur, who is known for his transition from the life of a tradie and aspiring football player - to now being a powerhouse visionary behind multiple national businesses and brands including Real Food Vending, Australia’s First Healthy Vending Franchise.

Jamie has also built a highly successful education business travelling the country working with business owners coaching and mentoring them to help achieve greater professional and personal success.

Twice now, a finalist in the Business News Australia Entrepreneur Awards and a nominee for the Telstra Business Awards, Jamie is a sought after, youthful, motivational speaker and trainer.


“Not only the business side, personally I have never felt this good. It has been years not feeling to good but now my business is going well and I am personally feeling amazing. Thank you soo much Jamie”

Adrian, Melbourne AUS

“Thank you for guiding me! I always knew what had to be done but couldn’t execute. Now I can. It’s only up from here.”

Mark, Melbourne AUS

YOU ARE AMAZING! keep doing what your doing! I'm 15 doing online school, working 2 jobs 5 days a week. Your so inspiring.

Charlotte, Sydney AUS

Jamie I just finished reading, What a fantastic, simplistic and informative book you’ve created. Massive congratulations and huge admiration!

Ash, Melbourne AUS

You are a quailty human JT. Thank you for everything you've done for me.

Dane, Sydney AUS