Be Great 5-Book Bundle

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Do you have a team, clients or friends you know would love this read?

Get 5 signed Be Great books.

Buckle up. No fluffy stuff here.

Jamie Totino gives personal examples from his own background and career to illustrate ideas of success and greatness to give you a model to look at when you are working out your own journey in life.

Packed with motivation and sound advice for those seeking direction on focus, mindset and self-belief are explained in Be Great using practises such as daily exercise, meditation/presence, self-development, time management, networking and so much more.

Jamie brings his own unique approach to the topic of self-help in a down-to-earth style reminiscent of his tradie background and impactful football career.

Expect a no nonsense approach on how to choose your role models and model their behaviour, how to be more than just an okay person or a good person and to ultimately become the Greatest version of yourself.

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